Class B RV Motorhomes for 2022

Are you ready for a new adventure? A new lifestyle? Or maybe just a change of scenery? Whatever your reason may be, there’s nothing quite like getting away from it all and exploring the great outdoors.

But what kind of vehicle should you choose?

A Class B motorhome might be right up your alley. They’re big enough to sleep and live comfortably, yet small enough to fit into tight spaces. 

Class B RVs for 2022

Winnebago Solis

Winnebago has introduced its new Solis motorhome model, which will be available in both Class A and Class B models. The new model will feature a more spacious interior design than previous models, as well as an upgraded kitchen and bathroom layout. The new model will also offer a larger exterior storage area, along with a redesigned roofline and side profile.

Thor Sequence

Thor has been building high quality motor homes since 1979. We are proud to be recognized as an industry leader in the manufacture of Class B RVs. Our products have earned us the reputation as the best selling brand of Class B RVs in North America.

Roadtrek Zion

Roadtrek has introduced its new Zion motorhome. The Zion is a class B RV that offers up to 8′ ceilings, and can sleep up to 6 people. The Zion will be available in two different floorplans: the Zion Classic and the Zion Deluxe. Both floorplans feature a kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and dinette. The Zion Classic comes equipped with a slide out bed, while the Zion Deluxe includes a sofa sleeper. The Zion also features an optional solar panel system that provides electricity to charge your electronics.

Coachmen Galleria

Coachmen has introduced the Galleria, an innovative new coach design that provides more space than any other coach in its class. The Galleria offers up to 6’7″ of interior height, which means it can accommodate taller passengers or cargo.

Winnebago Boldt

Winnebago has introduced the new Boldt motorhome model line for the first time in its history. The new Boldt offers more interior space than any previous generation Winnebago motorhome. With a total length of just over 8 feet, it’s the largest Winnebago motor home yet.

Airstream Atlas

Airstream has been making RVs since 1937. The company was founded in California, but now makes its products in Michigan. They have more than 100 models available, ranging from small travel trailers to large motor homes.

How Much is a Class B RV?

Class B motorhomes start at around $40,000 and go up to well over $100,000. If you’re looking for something smaller, then look no further than a Class C. These are perfect for couples who want to travel together, families, or anyone else who wants to enjoy the great outdoors.

You can find a Class C motorhome for under $20,000, so if you’re on a budget, this is definitely the option for you.

If you’ve got the money, though, then you’ll probably want to invest in a Class B. There’s plenty of room inside, and they usually come equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom, and even a shower.

And if you’re planning on spending most of your time outside, then you’d better make sure you’ve got a good roof. Most Class Bs have a full-length slide-out roof that extends from the back of the unit. This allows you to extend the living area outwards when needed.

While you’re driving around, you’ll notice that Class Bs tend to be bigger than Class As. That’s because Class Bs need more space to accommodate the extended living area. So if you’re looking to buy a Class B, make sure you’re prepared to spend a little bit more.

There are many different brands of Class Bs available, so you’ll want to do your research before buying. Some of the best known include Winnebago, Thor, and Fleetwood.

Is it worth it to buy Class B RV?

The Class B motorhome, by square foot, may be among the most expensive RVs to purchase, according to Consumer Reports. But, because of their excellent construction, strong chassis, flexibility, and great gas mileage, they maintain resale value better than many of their larger cousins.

Is Class B Cheaper Than Class C?

Class B costs more than Class C because they are made differently, usually from more expensive materials, and also because there aren’t so many models on the market. The three main reasons why Class B cost more than Class C are: Size and maneuverability: Class B motorhomes are the smallest motorhomes.

Do Class B RV have toilets?

Most Class B RV bathrooms are wet baths. Wet baths are thought of as “toilet and shower combos” and mainly found in smaller RVs. Both of these features, along with a sink, are enclosed in a small room that is intended to get completely drenched but can also be wiped up quickly.

Things to consider before buying a Class B RV

Things to consider before buying a class b rv

Class B RVs are usually larger than a Class C, and they come in a variety of sizes. Some are built for long distance travel, while others are designed for local trips.

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping around for a Class B RV.

1. Size matters

The size of your Class B RV will depend on how many people you plan to bring along. If you only intend to go camping once every couple of years, then a smaller model would probably work best.

You could always upgrade later if you decide to spend more time traveling.

2. Comfort

A Class B RV is going to be bigger than a Class C, so you’ll have more room to spread out.

It’s important to find a model that feels comfortable to you.

3. Storage

Storage space is another factor to consider. If you plan to store any large items inside, you’ll need to look at models that have plenty of storage space.

4. Extras

Some Class B RVs include extras like slide outs and pull-outs. These add additional living space and allow you to expand your home wherever you go.