A bit about me..29, born and bred in Stroud, Gloucestershire in the UK. I spent the majority of my life growing up in the Cotswolds, with three years in between studying, predominantly a film and photography course at Plymouth University. Returning to Stroud, I started a career as a landscape gardener, doing some media work in between and, in 2013 I set-up my own company, Cotswold Bells, hiring out luxury tents to the public. I have always preferred working outside to being cooped up in a stuffy office and I found I really enjoy the flexibility of being self employed.

The idea..I had just come back from travelling around New Zealand with my girlfriend Nikki, visiting her sister and husband. With nowhere to live when we returned and rent prices so high we joked and then seriously contemplated, the idea of living in a van. After spending some time visiting friends who were living permanently on a boat in Falmouth and loving the freedom they had, the decision was made. In August 2014 we bought a Ford Transit Luton box van with the idea of converting it into a tiny home to live and travel in. With very little woodwork or even DIY skills it was always going to be a huge project. But, with the use of Youtube, forums and Google just about any-thing’s possible to learn these days.

Having always been interested in alternative homes and ways of living and building, I have particuarly had a place in my heart for camper vans. This love started from an early age when my Granddad used to take us to the beach in Devon in his old Murvi van. I have also previously owned two other vans, a VW T2 Bus and a Mitsubishi Delica, four wheel drive L300, that I turned into a basic camper. Both of these were great vehicles in their own right and I had a lot of fun with them.

The move…I found, just like the majority of people in the western world today, I was guilty of owning endless material possessions; lots of ‘things’ most of which I hadn’t touched in years. I was one of those people who hated throwing ‘things’ away, keeping hold of them and always thinking they would have a use one day. Most of the time that day never came and I was left with numerous amounts of old leads, remote controls for no-idea what, CDs, DVD’s, the list goes on. Finishing the van gave me a chance to have a huge clear-out and I sold most of what I own at a car-boot sale, Ebay and the rest went to charity. Through this project I aim to test the simple life and to find happiness in experiences and people rather then possessions. So, its May 2015, the van is finally complete and we’re just about ready to go – where next is anyone’s guess.


AKA vagabondvanman